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Raw Sprouted Porridge & Berries


  • 60g raw sprouted GF oats
  • 250ml coconut milk
  • 10g chia seeds
  • 15g nut butter 
  • 30g blueberries
  • 5g freeze-dried strawberries (optional) or goji berries 
  • Sweetener (optional)
Raw Sprouted Porridge & Berries
13 February, 2015
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

As much as I love my smoothies (whatever the colour and nutrient quality) and my avocado and raw cacao puddings I still love my oats. I've missed them as for a long time I haven't been able to digest either regular or standard gluten-free oats. Then along come some raw sprouted gluten-free oats by an Irish company called Iswari. Now bear in mind they are expensive this breakfast will be at most a 2 day treat. Unless of course you're rolling in money and then good luck to ya eat it everyday if that's your fancy.

Have you tried these oats? Or are oats still off limits to you regardless?

The recipe today is, obviously, an oaty one that is fast becoming one of our favourite breakfast treats in the Herbi & Carni kitchen. Don't those little chards of nutritious and healthy, yet boring (com'on it's true), goodness just come to life when you fire on lots of other nutritious  goodies to them?

Totally enjoy this recipe. If you make it do let us know if you like it. 

Mix the oats, chia seeds and freeze-dried strawberries, if using, in a bowl or mason jar.

Stir in the milk to combine. Leave to rest overnight then next morning top off with the rest of the ingredients. 

Have fun, 



Taste the oat mix before refrigerating overnight and adjust the sweetness to your liking. We normally use either agave nectar or maple syrup. Start with a teaspoon and work from there. The freeze-dried strawberries give a lovely burst of flavour to the oats and we find it doesn't need any extra sweetener added. 

If making this porridge first thing in the morning you won't need as much milk. Reduce it to 150ml and leave rest for up to half an hour. Time to get showered and ready for your day and this little bowl of oaty healthy goodness will be waiting for you. 

Remember too this is an ideal breakfast to bring to work if you're rushing out the door in the mornings and have a tendency to skip breakfast as a result. Just make the night before in a suitable sealed container with the toppings in a separate container and you're ready to hop off.