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Best Designed Blog Winners at Blog Awards Ireland 2014

Best Designed Blog Winners at Blog Awards Ireland 2014
05 October, 2014
Blog Awards 2014 "Best Designed Blog" Winners

Whahoo, Yah, burst into song, yes we won! This gorgeous blog has just won "Best Designed Blog" in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 ceremony last night. 

As you can see we're beaming. A huge THANKS to the judges for loving our site. Big HUGS right back at you from both of us:)

BTW spot Tony's temporary new hairdo below? It's a wig!!. His small part in the 80's theme for the night, I think he looks cute, but then I'm totally biased.  

It was a fun night with lots of craic all down to the stellar work by Lorna and Amanda and their team of Blog Awards Ireland

Finally more HUGE HUGS to the wonderful and highly creative OVO team for making our dream virtual house a reality. Great bunch to work with. We in turn are working hard to make it welcoming and a helpful resource to you all. 

We will finish with more hugs to our wonderful virtual friends. Thank You for reading this and all our posts. 

Herbi & Carni xx



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