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Buckwheat Porridge with Coconut Yoghurt & Homemade Raspberry Jam

Don't like buckwheat as a substitute for rice or quinoa in your savoury side dishes? We're the same, just can't take the taste. Yet because it's so healthy we had to find a way to get it into us. Here's a breakfast treat that is a sure fire winner alternative, a definite must try. We sweeten it with apple juice concentrate, vanilla extract and homemade raspberry jam (which had no sweeteners in it either except what's got from the berries themselves). Just right for breakfast time.

Dairy-free Organic Soya Vanilla Ice Cream

We generally, well up until now never, have cane sugar in our recipes. This is here as when I was struggling with food intolerances my white sugar cravings were crazy. With that in mind I'm adding this oldie as if you're in a similar boat then be easy on yourself, once they are sorted your cravings (as did mine) will hopefully ease for you. This will give you the willpower to move to more healthier sweet options. 

Savoury Treat "Cheesy", Salty & Tomato Kale Crisps

Are you an avid fan of Kale these days? I remember when we were young there was nothing so fancy. Boiled cabbage, stringy carrots and marrowfat peas. Sure if you got them during the week you were the priviledged one. It's fabulous there are so many food choices in Ireland these days.

Roasted Chickpeas

I dismissed the humble chickpea years ago. That all changed when I went dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. It's a very welcome and staple ingredient in my storecupboard nowadays. It's so easy to use chickpeas to make a simple vegetable soup a hearty dinner, or in a hummus for a tasty savoury treat with crackers, as the protein on a salad.

Rhubarb & Strawberry Crumble

As the cold air starts to hit the bones again we were yearning for a fruit crumble during the week. Tony if given the chance would prefer apple tart with lashings of dairy cream. Crumbles are so easy to make though so they generally win out. Plus by using different fruits each time you have a different and comforting dessert. 

Massaged Kale, Tahini & Peppers

Lifesaver Kale, well ok I'm not collapsing from starvation but when you've no, or partial access, to cooking equipment and implements when any food comes along that sates you and requires very little effort, well that's a lifesaver in my book.

As you know I've been away from home a lot over the last few months without a working kitchen. I've had to rely a lot on no bake and no cook treats and savouries. For a while it was non-stop chips and that didn't work out too well as you can imagine.

Veggie Wrap

A quick tasty light vegetarian lunch when there's no time to spend in the kitchen and you want..../need satisfaction.

Check out any of our hummus and use one of these or your own favourite.

Cress, Rocket & Mixed Veg Salad

Summertime has come when salad is the norm for dinner. Ideal for Carnis with a steak or for the Herbies out there it has to be on it's own or served with a veggie burger or falafels.


Homemade Beet Crisps

Not sure what to do with that leftover beetroot? Make some beet crisps.

A mandolin would probably work better slicing these but as I don't have one that's not going to happen. I use my food processor instead with the slicing blade attachment. You need to ensure the beet slices are very thin otherwise they will never crisp up for you.