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Avocado, Tomato & Cucumber Open Sandwich

Sometimes the simplest are the tastiest aren't they? For the last few weeks I've been suffering agonizing pain with tendonitis. I kept putting off going to the physio, convincing myself that the pain would go soon. Low and behold 2 weeks later I had to give in and head off on my merry way. Physio Extra team are a great bunch and thankfully seem to always get any extreme pain that sometimes befall me sorted.

Mexican Eggs in the Pan

Simple, delicious and full of flavour.

Another recipe from Bord Bia to celebrate World Egg Day on 10th October 2014, suitable for both Carnis and Vegetarians. Check out our ideas to make this dish suitable for Herbis.

Pear, Parsley & Tomato Salad

Very easy throw-together in a few minutes salad. It's very light. fresh and tasty. Ideal for a day that way too hot to be indulging in hot lasagne and soups.

Carnis Only: Potato Cakes with Bacon, Eggs & Mojo Sauce

The Carnivores are taking over our blog for most of this week with a lot of recipes.

To celebrate World Egg Day, taking place on 10th October 2014 this year Bord Bia has created a selection of newly inspired Quality Mark Egg recipes. Bord Bia has kindly allowed us to post their newly created quality mark egg recipes here for you to enjoy and help you celebrate World Egg day. 

Spiced Pecans, Almond, & Pumpkin Seeds

Toasted nuts & seeds: a simple but tasty snack when the hunger pangs attack!

For a while now I've been pre-soaking my nuts and either dehydrating or cooking them straight. I find them much easier to digest. Below is one of the recipes I love using soaked nuts in.

Raw Cacao Truffles sweetened with apple juice

These are based on a old recipe I'd forgotten to put up on the blog. There was 150g maple syrup in those bad boys about 2 years ago. OMG I couldn't bring myself to put them up. Though on second thoughts I just might. Back then thanks to food intolerances I had a massive sugar craving. These days my sweet tooth is more sedate. I found once my diet/lifestyle turned completly plant-based the sugar cravings reduced significantly of their own accord.

Afternoon Tea

Are you like me and crave Afternoon Tea but want it without dairy, wheat, gluten and eggs? Then check out our latest course which has plenty to choose from. All the recipes are packed with flavour - you won't even realise there's no dairy, wheat, gluten or eggs in them. 

Even your Carnivore and Vegetarian friends will devour these too. Obviously suitable for vegans.  The recipes have no nasty ingredients - just honest-to-goodness real food.