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Herbi's Homemade Mincemeat

We've used this mincemeat recipe for years. Our original has Cointreau in it. Be sure to add the Cointreau in place of the orange juice if it's suitable for your diet. You can use this mincemeat in our Mincemeat Rolls. Of course if you've a favourite pastry of your own be sure to us it. 

Another treat from the Herbi & Carni Kitchen Christmas Menu. More on the way...


'Eat Me Now!: Raw Cacao & Quinoa Nibbles

What can I say, it's Christmas and time to indulge in chocolate. Come to think of it anytime is a great time to indulge in chocolate, especially healthy raw cacao. This recipe is a handy one and if you prefer more sweetness then try adding some cinnamon or more dried fruit.

Apple & Blackberry Crumble

A definite comfort food to sweeten the coldest of days. This one is free of dairy, wheat, gluten if you ensure to use ingredients you use are. 

Eating Out in Dublin: Alchemy Juice Bar

alchemy juice

What a treasure and welcome addition to Dublin city food scene. You'll find lots of juices, raw salads and treats to entice you in this ultra modern little cafe. A very simple layout but relaxing at the same time. If you're alone, like I was, you can read a magazine or people watch through the massive windows in the seated area. It's located on the first floor of BT2 in Grafton Street. 

Homemade Apple Puree

If you love stewed apple then you'll love this. A very versatile recipe as it can be used as an egg replacer, topping for your gluten-free porridge. Or as above top off with whipped up coconut milk, or organic soya, and toasted nuts. 


Chickpea & Sweet Potato Wrap

Love this recipe as it's a great one to share with friends and whip up quickly if they happen to drop in suddenly on you. It's satisfying too. The first time I made it I just dumped all the ingredients into a bowl and ate away. I wasn't expecting much. Yet it's just nice in a good way. Ideal for an autumnal evening and you grave some comfort food. So for those times you have an unexpected friend or just don't feel like putting a lot of effort into that comforting lasagne give this a try.

Acai & Hemp Porridge

Another delicious, quick and nutritious breakfast - what more could you ask for in a breakfast?