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How to Make Vegan Cheesy Kale Crisps

Totally moreish and these kale crisps remind me so much of salt and vinegar potato chips, but healthier and tastier. I cook them as needed to ensure maximum crispiness.

Plus so easy it's worth learning the few tricks to achieve success. I've burned one too many bunches of kale, success is so much sweeter. Let us know if you'd like more help with these:) 

Sweet Potato & Fennel Soup

What a day, isn't it?. Sure get yourself a bowl of this soup and cosy up to a warm fire and read your favourite book. This soup is fast becoming one of my favourites at the minute. Mainly as it fills me up. I get plenty of essential fatty acids too and that should keep my nutritionist happy. I'm short on them in my diet at the moment. Remember to add in the extra virgin walnut oil only as you're serving up the soup. If you fire it into the pot you'll destroy most, if not all of it good bits.

Pomegranate Fizz

A handy refreshing drink you can treat yourself to as a mid-afternoon snack, instead of reaching for that chocolate bar.

Baked Parsnip Fries

There never seems enough of these parsnip chips when we make them. They are so easy to make and enjoy. Some of our friends sprinkle nutmeg on them before sending them off to the oven for the big bake. You might like to try that one yourself too.

Let's shout out for the much under-loved parsnip. At least it was in this house until we changed our tune about a couple of years ago. Now it's either parsnips or spuds, and rarely the two at the same meal. I know we're big trendsettes here (and not!).

Pomegranate & Mixed Berry Smoothie

Get the high speed blender at the ready. Time for some Pomegranate & Mixed Berry Smoothie. Yes folks it's that kinda morning. I may even have to get an army major in to set up a military style attack on the amount of work I have to get through. Could you imagine it, I sitting sipping my lemon and ginger tea and he laying out maps dictating how I should dismolish the mountain of workload with precision accuracy.

OK not going to happen but my smoothie is, has and been eaten. How's that for good measure, I'll sail through the rest!!!

Dairy-free Matcha Chai Latte

Another recipe to have you zipping throught the winter cold or even better sitting in front of a blazing hot fire reading your favourite novel.

Cheesy Onion Hummus

Aw Cheesy Onion Hummus. What can I say but WOW. This is a perfect alternative for those snackiing times when you crave cheese and salt crisps but so want a healthier alternative. We'll leave it with you!