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Our Basic Chickpea Hummus

We thought it was about time to show you our basic hummus recipe. 

Plus we've prepared a video to this recipe be sure to check it out HERE


If you didn't know already hummus is very useful addition to your pantry essentials and can be used as

Raw Cacao & Coconut Squares

A real easy plant-based treat. It has a moreish gooey texture from the fridge and seems so wickedly indulgent. As some of you have asked for more treats I'd thought we'll start with this one. So if your fingers are creeping towards the cookie jar then STOP and give these a go. If you're really longing for more indulgence drizzle some melted dark chocolate over and savour. We usually find one or two of these is enough to sate. 

Raw Sprouted Porridge & Berries

As much as I love my smoothies (whatever the colour and nutrient quality) and my avocado and raw cacao puddings I still love my oats. I've missed them as for a long time I haven't been able to digest either regular or standard gluten-free oats. Then along come some raw sprouted gluten-free oats by an Irish company called Iswari. Now bear in mind they are expensive this breakfast will be at most a 2 day treat. Unless of course you're rolling in money and then good luck to ya eat it everyday if that's your fancy.

Strawberries coated in Coconut Sauce

So impressive isn't it? Yet so wonderfully easy a recipe. Keep it to ourselves though ladies. Earn some brownies points with the lads, you know there will come a time we need them (and more).

Sweet Potato Soup with Tahini Dressing and Savoury Seeds

You'll nearly always find one or two sweet potatoes lurking in our storecupboard. It's regularly showing up in our soups, stews, tasty healthy fries and cakes. Just as well we love it! If you thought vegan soups are boring, think again. Here we show how easy it is to liven up a sweet potato soup and amaze your friends. Sure they'll be coming back for more! 

How to Make Vegan Cheesy Kale Crisps

Totally moreish and these kale crisps remind me so much of salt and vinegar potato chips, but healthier and tastier. I cook them as needed to ensure maximum crispiness.

Plus so easy it's worth learning the few tricks to achieve success. I've burned one too many bunches of kale, success is so much sweeter. Let us know if you'd like more help with these:) 

Sweet Potato & Fennel Soup

What a day, isn't it?. Sure get yourself a bowl of this soup and cosy up to a warm fire and read your favourite book. This soup is fast becoming one of my favourites at the minute. Mainly as it fills me up. I get plenty of essential fatty acids too and that should keep my nutritionist happy. I'm short on them in my diet at the moment. Remember to add in the extra virgin walnut oil only as you're serving up the soup. If you fire it into the pot you'll destroy most, if not all of it good bits.