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Baked Baby Figs with Dark Chocolate Sauce

Do you like figs? Up until now I never really got a handle on why people raved about figs. Once I came up with this recipe I fell in love, so thought it an apt dish to serve on Valentine's Day.

Spiced Sweet Potato, Carrot & Pepper Soup

Happy New Year to You All. Wishing you a great year filled with lots of happiness. This is deliciously warming and satisfying soup, especially when you add in the baked parsnip chips on the side.

Coconut & Almond Truffles

These truffles are so quick and easy to make, especially midweek. Also a tasty treat to have packed in your bag when you're heading out for a walk or hike at the weekend.

Roasted Chickpeas & Hero Sprouts

Perfect lunch, or afternoon snack for us all. It's important to look after yourself and eat healthy as much as possible. Here's a wonderfully easy plant-based recipe, packed with nourishing goodness.

Warming Spiced Coconut Milk

You've been out on a long day's shopping, or just worked yourself to the bone, for hopefully a grateful boss? Now it's time to sit yourself down to a mug of warming spiced coconut milk. This is very easy to make and is like a warm blanket cuddling around you as the wind is howling outside. 
It's been very difficult to locate a few of my regular spices this year (I'll find them now once this post is live!). Instead, this year I've used a mulled wine spice pack from one of the local stores.

Healthy Food Trails / Talks / Workshops

Healthy Food Trails / Workshops/Suppers - Dublin & Waterford

Want to join a group of people interested in health, great chat and tasty healthful food? Our workshops, classes and demos are starting up again in early 2016.

Register your interest by letting us know if you'd like to participate in our workshops, meetups, healthy chat over coffee or attending a demo or two.

Creamy Roast Celeriac Steak

Here's one of my favourite comforting plant based recipes. It looks impressive for entertaining and one definitely on the Christmas 2015 Herbi & Carni kitchen recipes.

Iced Bark: Mixed Berry & Coconut Ripple

Probably it's just my rebellious nature but once winter starts stinking my skin with it's sharp coldness I just get the longing for ice cream. As you know these days it's not always easy to take time out to whip up a carton of ice cream.

Fennel & Paprika Roasted Chickpeas

Once I baked my chickpeas there was no turning back. By adding spices, the chickpeas get a spark of life and are oh so tasty and an ideal chewy and tasty addition for tossing into salads, in salad wraps, as a healthy satisfying snack. You can also do this with butterbeans. 

In addition, they are a good protein source for plant-based diets. 

Have fun!!!


No Bake Fig Brownie

This recipe had been lost in a pile of recipes, written on scraps of paper, that had found a home for themselves in a corner of my dining room shelves. I dread to think how long they've been lying there. At long last though we are getting through them. Hope you enjoy it. This brownie has a gorgeous sweetness to it for those days when nothing else will do but to satisfy your sweet tooth.