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No Bake Fig Brownie

This recipe had been lost in a pile of recipes, written on scraps of paper, that had found a home for themselves in a corner of my dining room shelves. I dread to think how long they've been lying there. At long last though we are getting through them. Hope you enjoy it. This brownie has a gorgeous sweetness to it for those days when nothing else will do but to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Quick Plum, Nectarine & Chia Seed Jam (no added sugar)

Both of us are not real jam people, until a scone or some porridge is put in front of us. Once we started making jams using chia seed then things changed. They are so easy to make and you can use most fruits. Our delicious tart plum, nectarine with chia seed jam is one of our favourites as it blends perfectly with coconut yoghurt or coconut cream. Ideal too as a topping on smoothies or with oat or quinoa porridge. When you're making the jam be sure to taste an extra plum and some nectarine as they are the flavours you're going to get. For more sweetness use riper fruit.

Warming Quinoa Porridge

As the winter is fast approaching (or if you live in Ireland like us, then it never left us!) comfort foods must be making a hasty return to your weekly menu. To help you ease back into colder months here's a quick porridge to try. A spoonful of hulled hemp seeds, dairy-free coconut cream and blueberries are delicious toppings for this porridge too.

Avocado, Sprouted Bean & Tomato Open Sandwich

This is such a tasty lunch or afternoon snack, that's it worth mentioning. It's simple too with ingredients that are usually part of a healthy kitchen like ours and hopefully yours. Trust us you'll have it as one of your favourites. 

Carrot, Apple & Celery Juice

For a more refreshing taste, you can freeze the coconut water in ice cube trays and use the coconut ice cubes the next morning in your juice.

Sweet Potato Crisps

Make room in your dehydrator when you're making a batch of dried foods for these so they are at the ready to use when needed.

These sweet potato crackers are so simple to make too, sometimes we dip them in homemade dried vegetable stock as they are wettish when they come out of the food processor. Definitely a handy alternative for you if you're tired of using crackers when you're snacking on hummus. 



Pineapple & Raspberry Crumble

Lately I've been relying on crumbles for breakfast. I view them as warming smoothies! being in the depths of ill-health lately I was glad crumbles were an option as a nourishing no fuss food. They fitted the bill as they are easy to make and last a few days for breakfast.

Easy Almond & Coconut Truffles

If you're away from home and in need of a healthy treat here's one to try. You just need a mini-processor and the regular gear you'd have even in a sparsely equipped kitchen. I always try to have a mini-processor as it's easy to whip up treats. 

Let us know if you like it. 


Easiest Peanut Truffles You'll Ever Make!

As you may know I make my own raw chocolates. Every now and then I whip up a few batches to keep me going. Pure indulgent I know but very handy. 

But, there's always a but isn't there? the whole process can take a while. So one day in desperation I rustled up these tasty vegan treats. Wasn't sure they'd work, but was oh so pleased when they did. You'll laugh at how easy they are so I do hope you'll give them a try. 

We give an easy DIY chocolate recipe for the coating. If you prefer just melt a dark chocolate you like and coat away.