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Alkaline Diet

Spiced Sweet Potato, Carrot & Pepper Soup

Happy New Year to You All. Wishing you a great year filled with lots of happiness. This is deliciously warming and satisfying soup, especially when you add in the baked parsnip chips on the side.

Veggie Wrap

A quick tasty light vegetarian lunch when there's no time to spend in the kitchen and you want..../need satisfaction.

Check out any of our hummus and use one of these or your own favourite.

Homemade Beet Crisps

Not sure what to do with that leftover beetroot? Make some beet crisps.

A mandolin would probably work better slicing these but as I don't have one that's not going to happen. I use my food processor instead with the slicing blade attachment. You need to ensure the beet slices are very thin otherwise they will never crisp up for you. 

Chia Seed & Raspberry Pudding

I often come across chia seed puddings on the web but never had the inclination to make one. That all changed yesterday when I had some leftover almond milk. For the laugh I decided to make up a pudding so I could once and for all prove it's not worth the effort. 

So wrong was I. What a gorgeous breakfast or mid-afternoon snack and way too easy. 

How to make Carrot & Courgette Noodles without a spiruliser

What do you think, a cool kitchen gadget or what? 

I came across this 2-in-1 peeler in the supermarket recently. It's label promised veggie juliennes. As my kitchen space is limited a spirualiser is not on the cards right now. On seeing this I instantly dreamt of perfect salad noodles.

Healthy Mixed Seed & Hazelnut Butter

When you want to pack more seeds and nuts this is s satisfying snack lasting longer than chewing on a small handful of seeds and nuts. It's one of my go-to recipes. Lots of goodness here folks so get it into ya!!!

Mulled Apple Juice

Well the winter surely hit in the last few days, so cold in Ireland isn't it? I usually have mulled wine, cider or apple juice nearer to Christmas but caved in over the weekend. Whether it does or not I convinced myself that it warms me up. mugful but it is certainly not like the sweeter versions that are my norm. Hope you like it.

Dark Choc, Almond & Cranberry Spelt Puffs

During the Holiday season: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas we're all going to be very busy buying presents, goodies and what not.  It's easy to forget about, or only see a guest or family member on a restrictive diet as a nuisance or a weight bearing down heavily on you to sort out. Here's a quick and easy one to have at the ready which is easy to adjust depending on dietary needs.