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Baked Baby Figs with Dark Chocolate Sauce

Do you like figs? Up until now I never really got a handle on why people raved about figs. Once I came up with this recipe I fell in love, so thought it an apt dish to serve on Valentine's Day.

Coconut & Almond Truffles

These truffles are so quick and easy to make, especially midweek. Also a tasty treat to have packed in your bag when you're heading out for a walk or hike at the weekend.

Quinoa & Raw Cacao Bark

An extremely handy one treat to have in the freezer for a quick treat, especially if a friend hops over.

Warming Spiced Coconut Milk

You've been out on a long day's shopping, or just worked yourself to the bone, for hopefully a grateful boss? Now it's time to sit yourself down to a mug of warming spiced coconut milk. This is very easy to make and is like a warm blanket cuddling around you as the wind is howling outside. 
It's been very difficult to locate a few of my regular spices this year (I'll find them now once this post is live!). Instead, this year I've used a mulled wine spice pack from one of the local stores.

Persimmon & Apple Puree

Impress your friends with this very simple fruit puree. I had to share it with you as the persimmon elevates the humble apple puree by adding a special lusciousness and moreish flavour. A handy one to have in the fridge to use on your morning porridge, or nut muesli, as a snack on rice or oat cakes.
This puree is also a great companion to coconut cream, adding a light fruity taste.

Iced Bark: Mixed Berry & Coconut Ripple

Probably it's just my rebellious nature but once winter starts stinking my skin with it's sharp coldness I just get the longing for ice cream. As you know these days it's not always easy to take time out to whip up a carton of ice cream.

Pineapple & Raspberry Crumble

Lately I've been relying on crumbles for breakfast. I view them as warming smoothies! being in the depths of ill-health lately I was glad crumbles were an option as a nourishing no fuss food. They fitted the bill as they are easy to make and last a few days for breakfast.

Dairy-free Matcha Chai Latte

Another recipe to have you zipping throught the winter cold or even better sitting in front of a blazing hot fire reading your favourite novel.

Apple & Blackberry Crumble

A definite comfort food to sweeten the coldest of days. This one is free of dairy, wheat, gluten if you ensure to use ingredients you use are.