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As I tumble along in middle age I'm realising more that you make the best of your life. 

When younger your competitive streak is the front runner. But some blows knock you so back that you don't realise you are still holding on to them.

Fire Up Your Spirit

10 April, 2017


There are times in everyone's life when the crap can take over and weigh us down.

At some stage, you have to find the courage to fire up your spirit and live again.

Learn from the mistakes, hurt and wrongs done to your and learn to live according to your rules.

It's been a rough few years in the last while for me and it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If it was a bereavement, health worry or whatever. I no sooner got rid of one health worry then another one appeared to take its place.

Weekly Meal Planner

23 March, 2017

Weekly Meal Planner

To start off our series of free printables for you to use first off the block is the 'Weekly Meal Planner'. This will be free for March and April 2017, after that there will be a small charge. 

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It
I posted this recently on Instagram and thought it needed to be posted here. 
This lovely cushion with its saying hangs from my table lamp & I've only noticed recently as I was tidying up. It was turned away from me so hadn't read it in a while. The idea is great but the middle section is missing, I think. You need to do the work & take the necessary steps, not just sit on your behind waiting for your dreams to land on your lap.

Site Overhaul - long overdue

23 January, 2017

overhaul of site, updating recipe and article content and pics
Just to let you know that we are overhauling the content in the site. It's been a little quiet while Marian concentrated on her studies to qualify as a nutritional therapist.
Over the coming weeks, we will be reviewing and updating content, even new photos are being taken for some of the older content.
By end of 2017, we will have the content updated. During this time we will be adding fresh new content too.