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Almond & Date Energy Balls

09 September, 2016

These energy balls (or truffles) are full of coconut butter, raw cacao, almonds, Medjool dates.
Pure indulgence  with a moreish and velvety texture.
These bite-sized chunks are one of our favourite snacks or desserts during the week lately as they are a pure cinch to make.
We buy a gluten-free version of sprouted buckwheat and they melt in the mouth as you bite in. They also have a moreish crumbly texture  which Tony is mad about. We store them in the fridge as they can be soft and mess up the fingers in hot weather. 

A Kick up the Asparagus!

19 June, 2016

The season for asparagus (April to July), which I believe is relatively short, is upon us!  I have no objection to asparagus as such but do find it just a little bit boring of itself. According to Best in Season asparagus is a source of vitamin A and C and B9, so bring it on I say!  My fennel seed enhancement gives a massive flavour boost that we think works quite well, for little effort.  Asparagus can then be incorporated nicely into lots of dishes.

I have seen many chefs wax lyrical on TV programmes, at various times about what a proper omelette should be.  I don't know whether they would approve of this life saver below but frankly, I don't care!  This doesn't do much for Marian's needs but when I am stuck and look around to see what is available to make a lunch or tea; eggs, rashers, peas - chicken if available; then we are good to go!

Serves 2, or my case - one hungry Carni!

Tools to Help You with Goal Setting

By now you are either full steam ahead on your goals for next or have failed miserably. Ok so the latter sounds a bit 'drama queen' territory but the shameful way we berate ourselves for getting stuck and lasting only 2 or 3 days or so with our goals you'd swear world peace depended on our success. 

As it has become our time honoured tradition in Herbi & Carni to have an inspirational post in January, this year is no different.