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All Blog Posts

Avocado Mousse in Cucumber Cups

26 September, 2016

A tasty starter or light snack. 

Almond & Date Energy Balls

09 September, 2016

These energy balls (or truffles) are full of coconut butter, raw cacao, almonds, Medjool dates.
Pure indulgence  with a moreish and velvety texture.
These bite-sized chunks are one of our favourite snacks or desserts during the week lately as they are a pure cinch to make.
We buy a gluten-free version of sprouted buckwheat and they melt in the mouth as you bite in. They also have a moreish crumbly texture  which Tony is mad about. We store them in the fridge as they can be soft and mess up the fingers in hot weather. 

A Kick up the Asparagus!

19 June, 2016

The season for asparagus (April to July), which I believe is relatively short, is upon us!  I have no objection to asparagus as such but do find it just a little bit boring of itself. According to Best in Season asparagus is a source of vitamin A and C and B9, so bring it on I say!  My fennel seed enhancement gives a massive flavour boost that we think works quite well, for little effort.  Asparagus can then be incorporated nicely into lots of dishes.

I have seen many chefs wax lyrical on TV programmes, at various times about what a proper omelette should be.  I don't know whether they would approve of this life saver below but frankly, I don't care!  This doesn't do much for Marian's needs but when I am stuck and look around to see what is available to make a lunch or tea; eggs, rashers, peas - chicken if available; then we are good to go!

Serves 2, or my case - one hungry Carni!