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An easy and nutrititious quick lunch. Packed with nutrients. 

Quinoa & Raw Cacao Bark

20 January, 2016

An extremely handy one treat to have in the freezer for a quick treat, especially if a friend hops over.
Tools to Help You with Goal Setting

By now you are either full steam ahead on your goals for 2016 or have failed miserably. Ok so the latter sounds a bit 'drama queen' territory but the shameful way we berate ourselves for getting stuck and lasting only 2 or 3 days or so with our goals you'd swear world peace depended on our success. 

As it has become our time honoured tradition in Herbi & Carni to have an inspirational post in January, this year is no different.

Perfect lunch, or afternoon snack for us all. It's important to look after yourself and eat healthy as much as possible. Here's a wonderfully easy plant-based recipe, packed with nourishing goodness.

Warming Spiced Coconut Milk

16 December, 2015

You've been out on a long day's shopping, or just worked yourself to the bone, for hopefully a grateful boss? Now it's time to sit yourself down to a mug of warming spiced coconut milk. This is very easy to make and is like a warm blanket cuddling around you as the wind is howling outside. 
It's been very difficult to locate a few of my regular spices this year (I'll find them now once this post is live!). Instead, this year I've used a mulled wine spice pack from one of the local stores.