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Tortilla Crisps

07 April, 2012


Crunchy GM Gluten Free (made with corn only) tortillas crisps. Great accompanient to my Butterbean & Red Onion Hummus

I made these up the other day to use with my Butter & Red Onion Hummus. Glad they worked as there was nothing else in the house suitable to use. I used My Mexican Shop gluten-free tortillas.


Sweet butterbeans make this a moreish hummus. It's so easy and tasty you'll just keep making it. Great as a snack or as a nibble while watching your favourites on TV with gluten-free tortilla crisps and raw vegetables (e.g. carrots and celery)

Book Review: Season to Taste by Molly Birnbaun

Season to Taste: How I Lost My Sense of Smell and Found My Way by Molly Birnbaum Suggested By: Katherine Martinelli

29th February Proposal

Did you ever do this? - 29th February Proposal

If you haven't noticed by now I like to be a bit off the norm, helps keep me motivated. If I were to follow the crowd ooh I'd be so bored.


Six years ago on Valentine's Day we moved into our present home. We had got the keys one month earlier on the exact day and thought it'd be oh so "rosemantic" to move in on Valentine's Day, big softies. When Valentine's Day arrived there was no cooker, fridge, or shower, ah sure the list was endless, even no bed. Yet it was home.