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A delicious sweet treat that only uses these 4 ingredients.
I used to hate porridge as a child as it was served up made with salt and water or milk and refined white sugar. It was as boring as they come. Plus it took ages about 20-30 minutes to prepare. I rarely eat porridge for breakfast nowadays but when I do it is spruced up with delicious toppings, making it far more interesting, tasty and worth the effort.

Start the day with tasty creamy mushrooms and a crisp salad. Ideal for breakfast, light lunch or snack.

A warming soup that hits the spot in satisfying the lunchtime hunger. The baked chickpeas are a must with this soup as they add so much flavour. 

As I tumble along in middle age I'm realising more that you make the best of your life. 

When younger your competitive streak is the front runner. But some blows knock you so back that you don't realise you are still holding on to them.