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A warming cup of mint, chocolate and chickory.


Nutty Apple Puree

08 February, 2017


Deliciously healthy homemade apple puree/sauce. A handy pantry staple and a light and refreshing fruity addition to a hot breakfast  such as porridge, in a smoothie or dessert topping.

A comforting bowl of warm banana, pear and raspberries with a hint of chocolate covered in toasty gluten-free oats and almonds.

Site Overhaul - long overdue

23 January, 2017

overhaul of site, updating recipe and article content and pics
Just to let you know that we are overhauling the content in the site. It's been a little quiet while Marian concentrated on her studies to qualify as a nutritional therapist.
Over the coming weeks, we will be reviewing and updating content, even new photos are being taken for some of the older content.
By end of March, we will have the content updated. During this time we will be adding fresh new content too.
An impressive looking flapjack when wrapped in a sheet of parchment paper and string. Even though this recipe resembles a flapjack I tend to view it as a brownie just for the mouthfeel as I munch into it. As such I've used a teeny bit of poetic licence here! Please do check out the video below as there is a tip on making truffles out of the same mixture.