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Over 50 & Walking the 10 Km Mini Marathon
Getting older doesn't mean you have to be a couch potato (unless you're sick or out of action for any reason). Two years ago I could barely walk 2 km, and if I did it'd take 50mins to 1hr 10 mins.
Now I completed 10 Km. Yes sore but it's so thrilling to achieve something you've worked so hard for.
Age shouldn't be a barrier despite what some people think that we should go grey and step into the shade.
These are delicious to have with a cuppa when friends are due to call over and you want something quick, yet indulgent. They are a reminder of the chocolate wholegrain biscuits I used to devour in my childhood. I was addicted to the wholegrain biscuit crunch and the chocolate topping. A quick and easy treat to make for friends dropping over. You can make them ahead of time and store in the fridge.
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Forest Hike

Last Sunday my friend, who is a runner and yoga teacher decided it was time for a change of venue. Off we drove to Johnny Foxes and headed on, what was supposed to be a 7km walk, up into and through the forest. It ended up being 14.5km, 18,236 steps, and 19 floors. 

Soaking my feet during the Killiney beach walk!
Good to see you here, especially if you're in midlife or know someone who is and needing a boost to prove to you that we don't have to fade into the background once we hit menopause and beyond. These days us women may spend a third of our lives or more in post-menopause. The norm used to be stepping back and fade out of earshot. Well, I've always believed that as long as there is breath in me and I am at my optimal health at any given time it is my purpose to grab life and live it to my best ability.