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A few thoughts for the "nearly" Mums today

Posted on 30th March 2014, updated photos 8 March 2018

Another Mother's Day dawns today. For the last couple of weeks I had promised, swore to, myself that I'd avoid the internet like the plague today. Before two weeks ago though my plan from last year was to have a gorgeous blog post all about the 'Irish Mammies' and celebrate the day in a flourish of happiness. As those of you who know me are aware I lost a child in 2000 through miscarriage and last November I found out my mother had left us all. 

International Women's Day 2018
Behind this woman here is a strong man. I wouldn’t be who I am without the love & support of one of the most courageous men in the world. 

It’s easy to knock men these days, not all are bad. Without the love of my life I wouldn’t be here to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018. 

When I lost my kidneys in my 20s my so-called women friends didn’t want to know. I no longer fitted in. 

Ideal as a mid-afternoon snack for two or as a lunch for one served on toasted sourdough with pea shoots.
It's Pancake Time otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday. I've revamped an old pancake recipe. Also, instead of using my usual berries and nut butter I've used red grapes, coconut cream and a toffee sauce (maple syrup) is a delicious alternative to the toffee sauce.  

Once Is Enough

21 November, 2017