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For the "Nearly Mums" Today

Thoughts on Mother's Day by a "Nearly Mum"

Another Mother's Day dawns today. For the last couple of weeks I had promised, swore to, myself that I'd avoid the internet like the plague today. Before two weeks ago though my plan from last year was to have a gorgeous blog post all about the 'Irish Mammies' and celebrate the day in a flourish of happiness. As those of you who know me are aware I lost a child in 2000 through miscarriage and last November I found out my mother had left us all. 

5 Simple Tips if a Vegan & Coeliac Guest is coming to Dinner

5 Steps to Kitchen Success having a plant-based, vegan & coeliac dinner guest
Our resident Carni here (aka Tony) should probably do up this post. He's had one of those to dinner most days for the last few years. I'll have himself read it through before I publish so it's Tony Approved. What would you do if one of your guests for your beloved Christmas Festive Feast informs you that they can't have grandma's egg nog, your infamous Irish coffee, truffles, chocolates. Not to mention the main event? Do you include them or ignore them and skulk around for the month of January avoiding eye contact?

Gluten-free: A Life Journey

This is third of 3 blog posts I wrote for Goodalls Ireland in February 2013. It focuses on tips for those starting out on a gluten-free diet and suffering from coeliac disease. Coeliac disease differs from food intolerances and allergies as it is an autoimmune disease. The tips below I found useful when learning to overcome the effects of food intolerances and being gluten sensitive.

Marian's Top 10 Starter Tips to Deal with Food Intolerances

Marian's Top 10 Starter Tips for Dealing with Food Intolerances

Marian's Top 10 Starter Tips:

I learnt these along the way in 2011 as I dealt with severe effects of food intolerances. I hope they help you in some way towards dealing with your food intolerances. (I’ll add to this whenever necessary.)