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There is Always Option B

There is Always Option B
27 August, 2017

Osteopenia Journal: 1

There is always Option B...

I was in a shop yesterday and came across a book called Option B. It is by Sally Sandberg. It was about major loss, in the case of the author it was the loss of her spouse & the book is about her journey. The author's hope is that it will help others deal with loss positively and help in learning to build resilience. I put the book down as I was angry at the time as I found out this week I have mild osteopenia. The doctor wasn't much help & inside I was a bundle of hurt & anger in a numb sort of way. Yet I kept mulling the words over in my head. The medical profession can be a brilliant help and do wonderful work. I've come across many such people but there are also times when you are facing a doctor who lacks knowledge to help improve the situation, is unwilling to help and has a bad bedside manner. As I stared at the words, option B, I chose to ignore them as I was angry and didn't want to listen. 

Thankfully as a qualified nutritional therapist I know having mild osteopenia there is a chance to reverse it before I end up with osteoporosis in the years ahead. I still might but there is a chance that I can win and that's far better than facing down the barrel of the osteoporosis gun waiting for it to pounce.

Later yesterday, as the words kept mulling over in my head.  I remembered a chat I had with a wonderful person (Niamh Fitzpatrick) bemoaning / pitying my losses, not following in my dream career due to illness, trauma after trauma, and the list goes on and on etc.

Her answer to me in a very kind and supportive way at the time was along the lines of the world owes none of us anything, BUT and it's a bit BUT-never stop putting your best foot forward.

Also as Option A isn't available then go to Option B. It was a more long winded response to my rant but you get the gist. Niamh actually said "kick the shit out of Option B". It is what I needed to hear. A wonderful woman who can cut through the trauma and help you deal effectively with it and move on. 

Tonight I understand more now. I've always had resilience & the desire to get up, dust myself & start again. I have used those words over the last few months constantly. It is amazing that I needed the reminder from the front cover of the book when the shock of osteopenia came into my life. We can't all have the life of superstars but we can have a superstar life when we live the best we can now.

In the face of adversity, it is imperative to follow your dreams, even if they are new adapted ones & give it your best and build up your core strength.

My inspirational thought to start the week. Get up in the morning & live your life with gusto.

I am going to write an Osteopenia Journal, this being the first and if the journal can help even one person then it will be worth it. I'd rather fight then stare down the barrel of the osteoporosis gun waiting for it to pounce. 

Let us see if I can kick this osteopenia back into its box!