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Nutrition & Wellness Services

Nutrition & Wellness Services
08 January, 2017
Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle

MARIAN (Dip. I.T. & Dip.Nutritional Therapist & mNTOI):

I am a registered and qualified nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner. I use the functional medicine approach to help you create healthy eating and lifestyle habits to support you in achieving your wellness goals. If you become a client we work together to make a targeted plan based on your eating and lifestyle. We agree on changes that will work for you at your own pace but in a timely manner - we need to see change and progress. 

I use the functional medicine approach. We begin with you completing a series of questionnaires. Then I work out an initial plan, we meet, review the plan and adjust the plan to suit you. The important thing is that we set achievable targets which support you in reaching your goals.

Very useful if you want to reduce your sugar intake, support your hormonal health as you enter perimenopause and menopause, healthy lifestyle and eating habits in your 40s and 50s.

RECIPE DEVELOPMENT: If you are looking for a recipe developer to create vegetarian and vegan recipes please contact me for more information.

At present Marian is a food brand ambassador for Honestly Healthy, one of the leading vegetarian sites around. Check out more information on Marian and her recipes for Honestly Healthy here.   

FEES: range from  €80- €150 per session (1 hour duration)

Packages are coming onstream in the near future. Packages will vary in price, depending on which one you may decide to opt for.

Collaboration: I am also very interested in collaborating with you on projects which are beneficial to us both. If you are looking for a nutritional therapist to give talks on health & wellness topics let me know and we can chat about how I can help you. 

For more details contact Marian on 087 2419646. I am based in Waterford and Dublin, Ireland.