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My 5 Cornerstones of Healthy Living

My 5 Cornerstones of Healthy Living
28 August, 2017
Sleep, Nourish, Hydrate, Move, Rejuvenate
I often get asked what is this nutrition lark or how would you sum up nutrition. It is so vast a subject but for me in its essence the main elements, cornerstones are: Sleep, Nourish, Hydrate, Move (very important despite its small size in the graphic) and Rejuvenate. 

They are the best starting point when you want to improve your eating and lifestyle and confused where to start. Start with the basics,

1.      SLEEP

are you sleeping 7-8 hours each night, if not then work on sorting whatever the issue is to enable to gain the restful sleep needed for regeneration and repair. There are sprays, oils pillows, sort health problems (e.g. is leg pain keeping you away).

2.      NOURISH

is what you eat and drink actually nourishing you or moving you away from nourishing you? Our wonderful bodies need real food.

3.      HYDRATE:

Are you drinking 7-8 glasses (about 1.5 litres) of any combination of water, herbal teas, coconut water, kombucha etc.. Or are you filling up on fizzy drinks and coffee?

4.     MOVE

Have you a daily exercise ritual? In my case, I need strength and cardio. Do you know what your beneficial activity is? It could be swimming, hiking, running. I contacted my physiotherapist to help me wade through the options and pick the ones best suited to get me to fitness and maintain it. 


Sufficient good quality sleep is important but also finding time to find balance in your life. Would yoga and meditation bring calm into a busy life?

As an example here is one of my weekly self care plans! 

Sleep, obvious choice but achieving it has become a daily ritual I must abide by & not veer off the rails as I'm not productive the next day with a sleep head. 

Nourish, I need to remember to eat lunch at lunchtime & not 3.00pm.

Hydrate: Remember to fill the jug with filtered water, sliced lemon, mint & cucumber & drink it.

Move: Keep being consistent with my activity levels to build strength & muscle mass.

Rejuvenate for me is mindfulness, yoga, knowing my worth, self care & living the best life I can each day and ending & starting the day with gratitude for the wonderful gifts in my life, that includes hubby, friends a home as well. 

Just a little snapshot of my personal goals this week. As I said I often get asked: "what is this nutrition lark you're doing?" It's a whole mind & body approach to living at your best by creating healthy habits (rituals, routines, goals or whatever you like to call them) to enable you to savour each precious day & live in the moment you're in & have fun.

Get the basics right and move onwards from there. Start with one of the cornerstones above and create healthy habits to enable you to achieve a healthier outcome. 

Which cornerstone will you start with? 

Check out Marian's Nutrition section for more information on her services. 



The information contained in this blog is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your doctor or other qualified health care provider. It is for information purposes only.