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Medicine Walk

Medicine Walk
03 October, 2017
Medicine Walk
Medicine walk, we have culinary medicine, food is medicine but exercise comes in many forms & a walk can be one of the best lifestyle medicines. 

Plus it has no serious side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Medicines have their place in illness but they are not the solution to everything. 

It is the time we all woke up to the serious side effects. Always ask your doctor if he is prescribing any medication or procedure. 

Prescribing doctors should be able to give unbiased information. It is your right to be advised objectively & alerted to alternatives and be directed to a nutritional professional or physiotherapist or trainer as appropriate. 

Also, it is your right to be advised of lifestyle & eating habits that will help you rather than be expected to shove any medication into your precious body, regardless of side effects & how they may affect you. Nutritional professionals such as nutritional therapists can help guide you on adapting your lifestyle and eating habits.

It is important that you work with your doctor and nutritional professional to achieve your optimal health. Not perfect health as given your circumstances, environment, eating and lifestyle habits these will play a factor in how optimal your health achievement is at any time. Being ill (like myself) will affect that goal too but it is possible to achieve an optimal health. People without illness can achieve their optimal health by having achievable goals in collaboration with their doctor and nutritional professional. 

If lifestyle and eating habits can be changed to achieve optimal health isn't that preferable to having medication administered to alleviate the problem? Exercise as in what my friend calls them my "medicine walks" are beneficial for health. This time last year I could barely walk around the house. Every part of my body hurt. If I went for a ramble I was in agony pain for days. I had been ill for the last number of years with the medical profession not able to help. Over the last year and half my aerobic fitness improved, my cognition has increased and I have more energy with the result I now have most of the day when I'm active. I have a way to go but getting better. Five months ago I started in a gym supervised by physiotherapists, called Medfit. They are on hand to look after you if needed. Also, you are assigned a physiotherapist who works out a program individual to you to meet your fitness goals. 

Also, do you own research so you are prepared for an open discussion, especially with your own doctor. Not that being prepared will prevent the "God-like" attitude of some doctors but at least you can make choices.



The information contained in this blog is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your doctor or other qualified health care provider. It is for information purposes only.