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Imperfect Me is...just My Perfect

Imperfect Me is...just My Perfect
10 May, 2017

As I tumble along in middle age I'm realising more that you make the best of your life. 

When younger your competitive streak is the front runner. But some blows knock you so back that you don't realise you are still holding on to them.

Yep, I've lost my own kidneys, I lost a baby while studying so couldn't finish my degree & had hours to live. I've been so ill at times that if it wasn't for my resilience & Tony's love I don't know where I'd be now. I became postmenopausal and had to tell the GPs as they denied it was happening in my 40s!!! 

There is a lot more but the point I want to make is that I've been miserable with myself cos I didn't get the life I planned. I blamed myself for not doing enough. BULLSHIT I now say. I have still a fabulous husband (it must love he has stuck around) I have the best friends anyone could ask for, a promising career again as I went off and studied my true passion - food & nutrition. 

I have you lovely followers who like what I do & lots of other lovely parts of my life. 

From now on you are going to see how I heal myself every day from the losses through prioritising self-care through food & nutrition and lifestyle choices. 

If this can help any of you or your loved ones then I'm overjoyed. Who else loves their "imperfectly" perfect self?

Image courtesy of Swag Words