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Hike Prep: Sunday 8th April 2018 Training Day for Mini-Marathon

Hike Prep: Sunday 8th April 2018 Training Day for Mini-Marathon
09 April, 2018

Two months to go & we are getting serious about the training for the mini-marathon. Here’s the proof.

I’ll be walking but we are setting goals I must achieve. It’s a part of my personal journey to wellness. Up to now, I could never dream I’d be fit enough to walk.

In January this year, I was happy just to walk it. My trainers/mentors encouraged me to do more. I have a chronic illness, arthritis, prone to autoimmune issues, osteopenia, a bone spur in my left foot that is driving me crazy. For the first time in my life, I’m believing in myself.

Follow your dreams, if I can do it...I know that hugely depends on what stage you are in your health and fitness but think about how you can set goals and achieve what is optimal for you. If you hate walking and hiking, pick an activity that fills you with joy. I always loved walking but never hiked. I wasn't making progress with my cardio training in the gym and my physio put me on the treadmill, I took to it like a duck to water. It is from that change that brought back my love of walking and now I'm doing baby steps in hiking thanks to my wonderful and supportive friend helping me push beyond barriers that were holding me back in walking. So whether it is walking, hiking, yoga, pilates, running the list is endless. Ensure you have the right people around you to help, especially if you have an illness (or a few like myself). I feel young in spirit again and it is life changing. 

The Action Shot!! From barely able to walk a year & a half ago to training for the mini-marathon on June bank holiday. My trainers/mentors are pushing my fitness & helping me to set an optimal walking target.

Lots more to get done, but beginning to feel I can do it now. I'm not strong enough yet to sustain this type of walking. We need to get more practice in, appropriate rest and exercises to ease the strain and the ever important nutrition has to be sufficient. It's fun though and the sense of achievement when you surpass your expectations is powerful and great for self-esteem and confidence.

I'm writing this on Monday and I'm pretty sore. Most of my body is fine but my legs and feet are letting me know they worked hard. I'm giving my body a rest today and won't be at the gym but tomorrow I'll be back working on continuing with the improvement using the resistance and cardio training in the gym. 

Onwards & Upwards!