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Getting Ready for Christmas

Getting Ready for Christmas
07 December, 2015
Christmas Tree Setting Up Party Nibbles
When it comes to putting up the tree and decorations, Marian and I generally try to make a day of it, if we can.  By this I mean that we prepare lots of good finger food [Herbi and Carni plant-based of course!], open a nice bottle of wine and take our time - sometimes playing [selected!] Christmas music to help us get in the mood. This year, we were particularly pleased with the outcome. Marian came across these lovely lettered baubles recently, so we simply had to do an H&C!
I built up this little collection of nordic Christmasy type figure figures in various places around Europe during the year.  They are minding the TV box - very important job!  We have named them Dangly, Lanky, Bandy and Well-fed - can you tell which is which?
Anyway, you're not here to be just hearing about our Christmas Tree Party. Here are some of the recipes that kept us fed for the day. We snack all day, I know not the healthiest, but once in a while, it's nice to just break with the norm.
Hope these nibble ideas come in handy for you over the Christmas season and make Christmas entertaining all the more enjoyable. 
Breakfast started out for Herbi as Crispy portobello goujons with organic tofu scramble and steamed kale. Carni had crispy portobello goujons with scrambled eggs and steamed kale. Lunch later was both had Butternut squash soupkale crisps and salad and Carni added in sausage rolls for himself.  
Nibbles during the day included Mincemeat rollsSpiced Pecans, Almonds & Pumpkin seedsRaw Cacao Almond Cranberry Snowballs and vegetable crisps.
Drinks for Herbi included Mulled Apple Juice and Pimms with our homemade ginger syrup and various herbal teas. Carni of course indulged in a few Irish coffees and a glass (or two!!) of red wine from Searson's in Monkstown outstanding collection.  
Over to you, do you just fire up the tree and decorations or make a celebration of it? If so what is your favourite food to eat then.