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Fire Up Your Spirit

Fire Up Your Spirit
10 April, 2017

There are times in everyone's life when the crap can take over and weigh us down.

At some stage, you have to find the courage to fire up your spirit and live again.

Learn from the mistakes, hurt and wrongs done to your and learn to live according to your rules.

It's been a rough few years in the last while for me and it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If it was a bereavement, health worry or whatever. I no sooner got rid of one health worry then another one appeared to take its place.

I've always been a fighter so thankfully when I caught my breath my instinct was, and is, to get up. I hope I never lose that.

Thankfully I also have a wonderful partner in crime, my husband (Carni here) and my fantastic friends who have been with me, watching my back.

So today for those of you who look at others and think their lives are so wonderful remember, they could be in a state of flux.

Life can be wonderful, cruel and exhilarating.

Hold steady through the crap with your mind firmly on your goals and when the storm settles enjoy the calm and good.

Oh and always thank the great people who stand by you when the fair weather 'friends' flee.

My thought one day on instagram that I thought worth sharing here.




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