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Changing Gear to a Forest Hike

Changing Gear to a Forest Hike
23 April, 2018
Forest Hike

Last Sunday my friend, who is a runner and yoga teacher decided it was time for a change of venue. Off we drove to Johnny Foxes and headed on, what was supposed to be a 7km walk, up into and through the forest. It ended up being 14.5km, 18,236 steps, and 19 floors. 

If I'd have known I would have said no way was I ready. It is a much easier walk though than our normal one up a steep hill. The forest was so peaceful with none of the traffic and very few people. Most of our company were lambs, sheep and the odd dog and a farmer. It was a holiday for a few hours from the hustle of regular life. Half-way up we sat on big rocks sipping water and eating chocolate and fruit. We promised ourselves we'd bring some hot tea the next time. It was a dull day weather-wise but it didn't dampen the awesomeness of the views.


At the point below I was pensive, remembering how far I've come with the help of this wonderful friend each Sunday, my trainer in the gym I attend and my wonderful husband who is so proud of what I'm achieving now. My friend nicknamed me the Wilderness Woman as I was so at home in amongst the trees. This forest is near Johnny Foxes & afterwards we sat outside that pub on the heated seat, very welcome to the muscles & bones.

& so my Hero's Journey continues...onwards to the women's mini-marathon in June 2018.