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Building up Walking Strength

Building up Walking Strength
23 April, 2018
Soaking my feet during the Killiney beach walk!
Good to see you here, especially if you're in midlife or know someone who is and needing a boost to prove to you that we don't have to fade into the background once we hit menopause and beyond. These days us women may spend a third of our lives or more in post-menopause. The norm used to be stepping back and fade out of earshot. Well, I've always believed that as long as there is breath in me and I am at my optimal health at any given time it is my purpose to grab life and live it to my best ability. And that applies to anyone who wants to and can.
For over a decade my health has been up and down. Particularly in the last 8 years, I've had a lot of trouble with gut issues, pain, weakness and muscle and joint issues. It got to a stage in July 2016 I became very weak. For years I could barely walk 1km without being out of breath. I had to do the shopping in stages as I couldn't carry the shopping to the car from the shop. I even got to the stage that I had to use a trolley for one or two bags and take a rest in the car before going back in for another bit more shopping. I was exhausted and the shop took ages. Lots more happened which I'll talk about in more posts. My leg pain was so bad that at night I couldn't sleep with the pain, all the while doctors telling me there was nothing up with me!! 
Now, after nearly two years of very slowly getting my fitness back up I am achieving a better quality of life. I have a lot of work to do and at times I lose heart but when I look back at how sick and weak I was to how I am today I can see that all the effort is paying off. 
This walk was up Killiney Hill in Co Dublin, it was the first bit of sunshine since our 6-month winter, there wasn't much heat but sure was great to do a 7km walk. These views make it so worthwhile.
Onwards & upwards in my hero's journey!