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5 Simple & Easy Food Photography Tips to get You started

5 Simple & Easy Food Photography Tips to get You started
05 August, 2015
Simple Food Photography Tips to get you started on taking food photos for your blog

Recently we were asked by We Teach Social to share our best blogging tip. Today it dawned on us that you deserve the tips too. Going forward we will be adding more tips, tools and strategies to help you in any way we can. Now that we think about it sure these food photography tips will prove useful to you for any food photos you take, food blog or not.

If you're starting a food blog or right in the heart of one and need a bit more inspiration then these just might inspire you to get the camera out and try a few photos with a new sense of joy.

We are here to help so be sure to ask us for more tips. We've been taking our food photos for a while. Remember though we are amateurs (oh to be a professional at this!) but if our advice helps you it'll put a smile on our faces. 


We use these tips all the time on our blog. If you like our blog photos trust us these will help you. 

  • Use natural light and to keep the food photo simple and easy on the eye. At the end of the day, you want people to enjoy it, and hopefully be eager to try out your recipe.
  • Take lots of photos from different angles, we often find that it’s one of the last photos we take that ends up on the blog
  • Find inspiration Pinterest, cookbooks, food magazines or treating yourself to a meal in a fancy restaurant are great places to find food styling inspiration, it helps you find your own photography style
  • Build up your props over time
  • Most importantly, have tons of fun!! When we take photos together we usually end up spending most of it laughing

Let us know how you get on, and do show us some of your photos if you take any of our food.

By the way you see the quality of our photos, if you hate taking photos, can't afford the professional photographers then drop us an email. We'd love to work with you on some photos at a budget friendly rate. 

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