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WELCOME to our kitchen in the Irish seaside village of Tramore in Co Waterford. Where we're happily eating our way to health by following wholefood plantbased lifestyles. Our Carnivore (Tony) is a wholefood-lifestyler, well 80% of the time... Our Herbivore (myself) is a plant-based wholefood-lifestyler. Yes, divergences arise but we've learnt how to reach happy compromises. In the process we did and still are discovering new ways to achieve delicious tasting food that works for both of us. We are in middle age (obviously) and want to show how to live a happy middle age both by adopting a healthy lifestyle and sound eating habits.  

We source the best quality food available that suits our two different diets. The Result = Sated, Happy, Healthier Herbis and Carnis. Oh and there is plenty of indulgence and flavour too.

MARIAN (Herbi) 


Qualified Nutritional Therapist, mNTOI
Dip. I.T. & Dip N.T.

Eating nutritious and tasty food is, first and foremost, one of my greatest pleasures, and is one of the most important parts of my day, especially when it's spent with my darling hubby and friends.

My journey into health and nutrition began when, at a young age, I decided there was more to eating than the diet of packaged milk, spuds and processed foods upon which I was brought up. I promised myself that once I had the finances to buy my own food it would be the best I could afford.

During my twenties, I had to contend with dealing with a chronic illness resulting in a kidney transplant.  That event and subsequent journey, cemented my beliefs even more.  A few years later a few food intolerances became apparent and were later confirmed.

I am not easily waivered in my view that not-withstanding legitimate medical interventions, food is medicine.  For that reason, I've spent my time since eating the healthiest and nutritious food I can afford. I do indulge in treats for about 20-30% of the time, as life is too short not too.

Since then I've been a passionate health nut, and lover of delicious tasting food.

To that end, I have become a qualified nutritional therapist since July 2016. I am looking forward to applying this nutritional knowledge to the culinary creative side of my life.

During this time, my hubby and I set up HerbiCarni, project, venture and website.  It focuses on healthy eating, whether you're a total herbivore or carnivore.

The kitchen where most of the activity is based, is located in the scenic seaside village of Tramore in Co Waterford, Ireland. I savour walks along the beach, breathing the salty cool air whilst looking forward to arriving home to cook a delicious meal together, with a glass of red wine.  

Check out my nutrition page for more details here

Present Studies:

At present I studying for a

  • Diploma in Applied Nutrition
  • Diploma in Sports Nutrition
  • At the early stages of becoming a Functional Medicine Practitioner

I also have Dip.I.T. (Distinction) in Information Technology from DCU, Ireland (2000). Before I could not complete my studies to degree level due to a health issue and loss of a baby, as a result, I had to forgo finishing my studies. Since then I've moved into my first passion, that of food and nutrition.  


TONY (Carni) 

  • I’m a proud Irishman, born in the sleepy seaside of Tramore and now living in Dublin for over 20 years

  • A foodie who enjoys prepping, cooking, tasting and eating all foods and working towards adopting more of the alkaline lifestyle into my life

  • I find chopping and dicing food from scratch relaxing

  • Favourite Meal: breaded garlic mushrooms for starter, steak with a peppercorn sauce, followed by freshly made vanilla dairy ice cream

  • Favourite Tipple: A cold pint of lager or a good oaky red wine

  • Favourite Dessert (if I was let): Just freshly whipped dairy cream

  • Ziplined twice on a Canadian holiday, just AWESOME – you’ll have to have it on your bucket list for sure

  • Have scuba-dived once on an Australian holiday (once was enough for me)

  • Avid reader of crime novels from authors such as Michael Connelly and Mark Bellingham


Please note we sometimes use spelt flour (a close relative of wheat flour) in recipes for Tony otherwise we only use gluten-free flours.

We’re both delighted you dropped by and had a read. Looking forward to lots of great chat with you from now on.

Wishing you lots of fun, happiness and great tasting food adventures.

With Love.... Herbi & Carni x

OUR FOCUS: Is on plant-based/vegan recipes, tips and hints and soon to be providing nutritional nuggets for the recipes and articles on health and wellness. Tony (aka Carni) includes alternatives if totally plant-based/vegan doesn't rock your boat!

In May 2014 we took a slight detour as Marian had to concentrate on her studies in nutritional therapy to qualify as a Nutritional Therapist, which she did in Summer 2016. We are confident that the knowledge gained will enable us to help you more. Marian is setting up her new business as providing nutritional consultations to clients, details coming on the nutrition & wellness page. 

We are finally back in the swing of things here since January 2017 and are looking forward to bringing you lots of tasty recipes and information.


It was derived after much soul-searching (and one or two bottles of wine, never I hear you say) that it just seemed obvious. On the one hand I eat a plant-based and gluten-free diet, mainly due to food intolerances and my dislike of eating meat, therefore I’m Herbi. On the other hand Tony eats all foods, meat, dairy, eggs, veg, fruit, nuts -well just about anything delicious. Therefore, he’s Carni. At that moment the Herbi & Carni Family was born. You may wonder why we didn't call Tony the "Omni" for the omnivore. We basically didn't like Herbi & Omni. 


We began our site on 8th December 2012. We launched our brand new site and online courses on 14th February 2014.

Herbi & Carni was shortlisted in the Best Food Blog and Best Photography categories of the Blog Awards Ireland 2013.

Tony's recipe for Creamy Mushroom, Fennel and Pea Stroganoff, is published on the Avonmore recipe section after being a runner-up in the Avonmore Food Blogger Competition in early 2014.

Marian had 3 articles in early 2013 published on the Goodalls Ireland website related to sharing my tips on starting out on a gluten-free lifestyle (1) 4 Starter Tips on Your Gluten-free Journey (2) Gluten-free & Happy   (3) Gluten-free: A life Journey.

In 2015 we have been shortlisted in the Best Food & Drink category of Blog Awards Ireland 2015


On 4th October 2014 we won "Best Designed Blog" category in Blog Awards Ireland 2014. 


In October 2014, we became Finalists in the Irish Web Awards 2014 in the "Best eCommerce Micro" category.


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